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Instructions for Authors

1. Submission: Submissions can be made electronically via the website:
2. Manuscript preparation: The manuscript must follow the IGJ template restrictedly. For any manuscript that does not follow the IGJ template, the Editor will reject it with a note, “The manuscript is incompatible with the IGJ template. Please rearrange it carefully and submit it again".
3. Review Process: All articles are considered to be confidential and reviewed by two or three qualified reviewers. In both cases (reject or accept), the author will be notified. In a case of acceptance, an acceptance letter along with a PDF version of the accepted articles will be posted online to the corresponding author as soon as possible.
4. The journal routinely screen article submissions for plagiarism.
5. Publication fee: The author(s) inside Iraq, the publication fee is 120,000 ID as a publication fee for an article up to 12 pages, and additionally 5,000 ID per extra page, also 30,000 ID should be paid for the plagiarism checking and additionally 10,000 ID for each re-checking. The author(s) outside Iraq, the publication fee is 125$ for an article up to 12 pages, and 5$ per extra page.