Source Rocks’ Potentiality of the Sargelu Formation (Middle Jurassic) in the Taq Taq Oilfield, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


  • Dler H. Baban Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Iraq
  • Shadan M. Ahmed Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Sulaimani, Iraq



Sargelu Formation, Taq Taq Field, Organic matter, Pyrolysis, Total organic carbon, Source rock


Thirty rock samples were selected from the well Tq-1 that penetrated the Jurassic beds in the Taq Taq Oilfield to be studied the source rock potentiality of the Sargelu Formation. The formation is characterized by three types of microfacies, namely, foraminiferal packstone, grainstone microfacies, fossiliferous packstone microfacies, and foraminiferal wackestone which were deposited in an environment extending from middle to outer carbonate ramp. An average of 3.03 wt.% of total organic carbon was obtained from a Rock Eval pyrolysis analysis carried out on 24 selected rock samples. The petrographic analysis for such organic matters revealed that they are of kerogen types III and IV and they are currently in a post-mature state. Pyrolysis parameters showed that limited generation potential was remained for these sources to expel generated hydrocarbons. The palynological study showed that Amorphous Organic Matter forms the highest percentage of organic matter components with more than 70%, followed by phytoclasts with 10 – 25 % and palynomorphs of less than 10%. The organic matters within the Sargelu Formation are deposited at the distal part of the basin under suboxic to anoxic condition. The color of the organic matter components, examined under transmitted light, showed Thermal Alteration Index values between 3+ and 4-. Such values may indicate that these organic matters are thermally at the end of the liquid oil generation zone and beginning of condensate-wet gas generation zone. The thermal maturity of the Sargelu Formation depending on the calculated VRo% revealed that the formation in the studied oilfield is currently at the peak of the oil generation zone. The Sargelu Formation in the studied field is considered as an effective source rock, as it has already generated and expelled hydrocarbons.