Reconnaissance Study of Gypsum from the Fatha Formation as Raw Material for Production of Gypsum Powder in Shaqlawa Area, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


  • Rzger Abdulkarim Abdula Petroleum Geoscience Department, Soran University, Erbil, Iraq : Petroleum and Mining Engineering Department, Tishk International University, Erbil, Iraq
  • Rebwar N.S. KKhailany Indepedent Researcher
  • Nian Wali Samin University of Halabja
  • Mohammad Pirouei



Gypsum, Plaster, Fatha Formation, Talajar, Kurdistan Region, Iraq


The quality of gypsum rock as raw material from the Fatha Formation in Talajar Village in the Shaqlawa area for ground gypsum production was assessed. A total of three samples of gypsum were collected from different locations of the same horizon in the outcrop for comparing the chemical and physical properties according to the Iraqi Standard Specification 26-1988 and American Standard for Testing and Materials C471-16. The analyses of major oxides for the bulk gypsum samples especially the main components for gypsum (SO3, CaO, and combined water) showed good results and good purity. The apparent specific gravity and absorption of water were performed according to Iraqi Standard Specification 27-1988 at room temperature. These obtained data from chemical analyses and physical tests results revealed that the gypsum quality is in conformance with Iraqi Standard Specification requirements. The quality assessments from the study area show that the gypsum in the selected area is suitable as raw material for ground gypsum production.