Hydrochemical Evaluation of Groundwater in Al-Khasfa Area within Haditha, Western Iraq


  • Sufyan K. Al-Sumaidai Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq
  • Qusai Y. Al-Kubaisi Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Iraq




Groundwater;, Piper diagram, Euphrates Aquifer, Water quality index


The main aim of the research is to study the groundwater quality in Al-Khasfa area within Haditha district, western Iraq. To assess the groundwater, eighteen groundwater samples in the study area were collected and analyzed for major cations and anions. Results indicated that groundwater samples in the study area are between neutral and light alkaline, slightly brackish, and highly mineralized. The hydrochemical formula of the groundwater samples indicates the Ca-SO4 type dominance, except wells number 16 and 17 were of Ca-Cl water type. According to Piper diagram, the type of water is Earth-Alkaline waters. All groundwater samples are unsuitable for human drinking, industrial, and building uses, but it is suitable for livestock. For irrigation purposes, it is characterized by no Mg-harmful, good with SAR, Na%, RSC, and PI but unsuitable for salinity hazard due to very high salinity. The Water Quality Index for Euphrates aquifer in the study area in both periods are poor water for human drinking, except W-1 in dry period indicate very poor water and W-6, W-7, W-8, W-13, W-14, W-15, W-16 in wet period indicate good water.




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