Rock Physics Diagnostic and Density Velocity Analysis for Nahr-Umr Formation in Kumaite Oil Field, Southern Iraq


  • Najah Abd Lab of Seismology and Spatial Data Analysis, College of Science, University of Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq



Rock physics; Litho-Prediction, Density Velocity Analysis, Nahr-Umr Formation


Density velocity analysis is quite important. In litho-rock physics prediction, this is due density can be an important character in differentiate lithologies and estimate other petrophysical properties. In the Kumaite Oil Field's Kt-1 and Kt-2 wells, a new empirical equation was established, especially for Nahr-Umr Formation, and this relation was compared to other global equations.  Both Petro-physics and rock physics analysis was initiated to classify litho- units and determine the productive layer that could be contain hydrocarbons. The litho-probability (petrophysics) was giving a good match with hydrocarbons possibility (Rock Physics). well log interpretations (RHOB-NPHI) and cross plot of Vp/Vs versus Acoustic Impedance, MuRho and LambdaRho cross-plots) were used for lithology identification, which showed that the litho-prediction for Nahr-Umr are Limestone with sandstone in the middle and lower part, also the results were appeared that the lower part of formation have a good reservoir characterization.  




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