Groundwater Risk Mapping Model Using GIS of Al-Khassa Upstream Sub-Basin, Kirkuk, Iraq

  • Madyan R. Al-Gburi Department of Geology, College of Science, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq
  • Omer S. Al-Tamimi Department of Applied Geology, College of Science, University of Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq
Keywords: Groundwater risk; QGIS; Groundwater vulnerability; Al-Khassa upstream


 Groundwater pollution is considered a serious threat to the environment and humanity in general. The presence of contaminated groundwater in wells allows us to identify risks, especially in the study area. Therefore, studies must be conducted using modern techniques to determine risks. The objective of this study is to produce a map show zones of groundwater at risk. The groundwater risk maps based on the combination of two criteria are groundwater vulnerability and land uses/land covers map using GIS and QGIS software. In addition, validation work for groundwater risk map with heavy metals pollution index. The results risk map are range between 94-202 (very low, low, medium, high, and very high) i.e. five zones. The study area has very low - medium risk on the eastern and northeastern sides and some areas in the west; while the rest areas represent a high - very high risk.