Campanian-Maastrichtian Ostracods (Crustacea) From the Shiranish Formation, Dukan Area, Kurdistan Province, Northern Iraq


  • Omran A. Hawramy Agricultural Project Management, Technical College of Applied Sciences, Sulaimani Polytechnic University, Halabja, Iraq
  • Waleed Y. Al-Obidee College of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, University of Mosul
  • Nisreen M. Aziz Department of Geology, College of Sciences, University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq



Ostracods, Shiranish Formation, Species, Systematic study, Dukan area, Campanian-Maastrichtian


The present study represents a detailed systematic study of obtained ostracods in sixty-three samples from an outcrop section of the Shiranish Formation (Campanian – Maastrichtian), Dukan area, Kurdistan, northern Iraq. Thirty ostracod species belonging to twenty-one genera are found, whereas nineteen species are previously recorded. Eleven new described species are detected, which three new species represented in Bairdia dukanensis sp. nov., Bairdoppilata shiranishensis sp. nov. and Hornibrookella nudosa sp. nov. are newly renamed by the authors according to the scientific roles of nomenclature, and nine species are systemacilly described as (sp.) due to the lack of satisfied specimens.