Prof. Dr. Salih M. Awadh

University of Baghdad – Geochemistry and Economic Geology

Associate Editor

Assist. Prof. Dr. Aqeel A. Al-Zubaidy

Natural History Museum – Mineralogy and Petrology


Mr. Sameer R. Ahmed

Senior Chief Geophysicists – Geophysics

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Salim M. Aldabbagh: Geochemistry

Prof. Dr. Nawal A. Alridha: University of Baghdad – Geophysics

Prof. Dr. David K. Kreamer: University of Nevada – Hydrology (USA)

Prof. Dr. John S. Armstrong-Altrin: University of Mexico – Sedimentology (Mexico)

Dr. Ghazi H. Al-Sharaa: Expert, Oil Exploration Company – Paleontology and Stratigarphy

Dr. Mohammed I. Abdul Razaq: Expert, National Center for Water Resources Management – Geophysics

Prof. Dr. Mohammed S. Al-Jawad: University of Technology – Petroleum Engineering

Prof. Dr. Manal Sh. A. Al-Kubaisi: University of Baghdad – Structural Geology

Assist. Prof. Dr. Ameen I. Al-Yassi: University of Baghdad – Geophysics

Assist. Prof. Dr. Adam Porowsky: Institute of Geological Sciences – Hydrogeology     (Poland)

Dr. Ayad Abed Zaid Al-Shamari: Member of the Iraqi Parliament – Water Resources

Assist. Prof. Dr. Jaffar H.A. Al-Zubaydi: University of Babylon–Engineering Geology

Dr. Kamal B. Nada: Senior Chief Geologist, Ministry of Science and Technology – Water Resources

Assist. Prof. Dr. Aiad A.H. Al-Zaidy: University of Baghdad – Stratigraphy and Paleontology

Dr. Qays J. Saud: Senior Chief Geologist, Iraq Geological Survey – Geosciences and Chemistry

Dr. Moaeed J. Rasheed: University of Baghdad – Geomorphology

Dr. Hussein A. Jassas: Chief Geologist, Iraq Geological Survey – Water Resources Management

Scientific Consultants

Dr. Sadiq B. Jawad: Consultant – Hydrogeology

Prof. Dr. Moutaz A. Al-Dabbas: University of Baghdad – Marine Geology and Water Resources

Prof. Dr. Badir N. Al-Badran: University of Basrah – Sedimentary Petrology

Dr. Khaldoun S. Al-Bassam: Chief Researcher, Czech Geological Survey – Geochemistry (Czech)

Mr. Varoujan K. Sissakian: Consultant, University of Kurdistan – Engineering Geology

Dr. Saffa F.A. Fouad: Expert, Iraq Geological Survey – Structural Geology

Dr. Rafa'a Z. Jassim: Expert – Geochemistry  

Prof. Dr. Amal M. Abdul-Qadir: Remote Sensing

Prof. Dr. Yawooz A. Kettanah: University of Duhok – Geochemistry and Ore Geology

Dr. Li Zongxing: Chinese Academy of Sciences – Hydrology and Climatic Change (China)  

Dr. Aboosh H.H. Al-Hadidy: Chief Senior Geologist, North Oil Company – Petroleum Geology

Dr. Jabbar L.A. Al-Behadili: Expert, Oil Exploration Company – Petroleum Geology

Pr of. Dr. Tadeusz M. Peryt: Polish Geological Institute – Petrology (Poland)

Prof. Dr. Krzysztof  Nejbert: University of Warsaw – Geochemistry and Mineralogy (Poland)

Prof. Dr. al-yalok N. Singh: Indian Institute of Technology – Geology (India)

Dr. Sameer N. A. Al-Jawad: Chief Geologist, Reservoir and Field Development Directorate – Petroleum Geology

Dr. Aysar A.S. Alnife: Senior Chief Geologist, National Center for Water Resources Management – Hydrogeology

Dr. Abdullah A. Al-Yasiri: Chief Senior Geologist, South Oil Company – Petroleum Geology

Technical Editors

Dr. Heba Sadoon Al-Mimar: University of Baghdad, Petroleum Geology

Mrs. Baraa A. Shahal: Engineer, General Commission for Ground Water

Mrs. Hala B. Akram: Librarian, Iraq Geological Survey